"Of course not!" Your real mind is almost unknown to you. Leave the mind in peace to do it’s dance and it will leave you in peace to do yours. PAGES OF. It is what the whole Universe, including you, is made of. now turn your hand to face the floor, unclench your fist, and allow the pen to fall. Monkey mind. Two very different answers, right? There is one physical world here on earth, but billions of different internal worlds. Thank you Shilpan. So we divide the world up into separate “things.” Things that do not exist by themselves. The mind has a mind of its own. Am I supposed to be completely indifferent to them? We are either conscious of our thoughts and emotions… or not. Tracing the roots of your thoughts to the deepest layers of your psyche can help you deal with anxieties, phobias and neuroses. This is what we do when we grab onto thoughts— when we identify with them, believe they are who we are and struggle against them. One is constantly changing , the other one is timeless and ever the same. That our underlying nature is that of pure, conscious awareness. How does it feel? I’m really pleased that you got something out of this , Next post: An Insight From Bio-Feedback Brain Training. I’m stuck at not understanding moving through life with flow as well as being able to interact with my surroundings if not based on my thoughts. I feel like a piece of me knew the truth all this time but I can now really see it for what is …. When does life begin for a person? And then “I” came crashing back! Thoughts are many, awareness is one. You are not ‘you being present’ or ‘not being present’ . All those enlightened people we read about. Experienced through your physical being. But this mental division, creates the illusion that the world contains separate things, when it does not. You are the receiver and observer of your thoughts. I shared this article (to aid someone) and was warned that this was spiritual bypassing. An Insight From Bio-Feedback Brain Training. It limits you to keep you safe. You are not your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts and models. Jesus. 16.3k Likes, 0 Comments - Maxi Lopez (@officialmaxilopez) on Instagram: “if you are not your thoughts, Then Who are you ?” What does it feel like? It is well worth checking out. Tiffany, this is a great question. Just empty. The idea that you can watch the mind and therefore can’t be it, is a game changer for every spiritual aspirant. Realising you can step back and watch your thoughts is a big turning point… a huge thing to see. Empty? Perhaps the closest we can come through words is “that which is?” It is the impersonal aspect of existence. We are like the ants. It can be applied anywhere. The Sedona Method is a powerful technique for letting go of troublesome thoughts, feelings and emotions. Use them as tools, but don’t be fooled that you are them. One of the first things you notice is that thoughts are self-arising. 6 - stressed out. There were no thoughts (mind chatter). Don’t touch it at all and you will remain untouched by it.”. There was no self-image (illusion). he says to you, But his heart is not with you. And yet, the awareness that is aware of thoughts (feelings and emotions too) hasn’t changed one bit. You think you are this mind that narrates your life, but that is your ego. If I am in a situation that makes me feel happy – what should I do? And yes, all you need to do is notice them … notice how they arise from nowhere, linger for a bit and then pass on. Then what should I do with emotions? They are known only to you. As we’ve just seen, negative thinking isn’t the problem: the real problem is identifying with your thoughts. If we are not our thoughts how are we holding conversations of meaning with one another? It is all ONE. And some say, that you are not even the observer. An integral happening of the universe. you say. A thought or a feeling? How do you carry on a conversation in that state or do day-to-day activities? Realising you are not your thoughts is a pivotal moment in each person’s spiritual journey. What is awareness to you? The second, and equally important, aspect is the attitude with which you observe your inner world—the attitude of kindness, compassion and empathy for the human condition. This allows one to become removed from the habitual pattern we fall into – believing that we are what we think. Emotional love comes and goes within a greater you. Your thoughts appear only to you, and are not being heard by anyone else whatsoever. Expansive? To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind wrongly — you usually don’t use it at all. The universe is a system. It’s a buzzing mind I reckon that keeps me alive, re-think, helps me perceive life experiences and dig out simple wisdom from quiet introspection. There are two wings in mindfulness. The spiritual teacher Papaji said: “Don’t be a person in love. Etc. Or you could choose to measure it by how far its light beams travel. Put aside all thoughts of the future. Definitely the most liberating thing I ever realised! It goes against everything we have been conditioned to believe all our lives. Your thoughts appear in your head. There are two types of love. As Eckhart Tolle so wisely wrote, “…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. The feeling of happiness, which comes and goes, and the happiness of your true nature, which is eternal and unchanging. That would seem like we are dissociating from negative ones or ones we may not want to act on. Hi Helena, Yes, it really does change everything when you see you are not your thoughts and that engaging with them is optional. It’s perfectly possible to experience feelings of sadness and remain totally happy. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are not who you really are. And where do they come from then? I understand this practice when done in stillness but not as you go through you day in between stillness with self and interacting with other people. The moment we try to define it, it is not IT any more. OR it could simply be a statement of truth… that we are in fact, way more than our thoughts and our feelings. The notion that you’re not your thoughts could provide you with an excuse for not taking responsibility for the negativity within ie to spiritually bypass. Your thoughts and feelings do not make you weird or broken. Until now! Without commentary, thoughts, feelings and emotions are neutral events. It offers an interesting perspective on our relationship with thoughts (you’ll find an, You have no idea what the next thought will be. Interesting read. The self-created theory argues that you ar… And doesn’t that enrich your experience of life so much! Is love just a passing emotion not continuous and is to be observed but not really a part of who we are? You suffer, not because anger or sadness is present, but because you mistake temporary states as being who you are. I tend to think mindfulness makes you emotionless and lack of empathy for others for how quickly you drop your feelings. When I realised thoughts were just thoughts and I can take them or leave them i felt free but it’s also a little overwhelming.. who have I been all this time ? Judgements. Say, your GF who you love so much is screaming at you, you notice the anger and sadness in you arising, so you observe it, don’t name them. I realize this probably means that we’re not our bodies either. But it’s work I’m very willing to do! Everything in your experience would suggest otherwise. The Bible offers good news! But think of it logically, You can only be one of two things. You can always take a moment to be mindful and become aware of what you are playing on the stage of your mind. It has no preferences and remains unaffected by whatever thoughts pass through. You may say it is problem because you percieve it as problem, but she won’t stop. In fact, psychologists say that 95% of your thinking occurs at the level of the subconscious, leaving just 5% that you are actually aware of. But the reality is, the question doesn’t really have a satisfactory answer. Viktor Frankl said: Between stimulus and response there is a space. It goes on and on! Here are my thoughts on this, and I would like others to share. If you start thinking something that takes you out of your place of joy (or just generally makes you feel bad), then realise they’re just thoughts, spontaneously arising. Your consciousness is the consciousness of the universe. Hi, How does a tiger hunt without thinking? Or would it begin with the creation of the egg? Every thought supposedly happens for a reason because your identity is connected to everything you think—so if you were to have what some religions consider to be “impure” thoughts, you would be considered an impure person or a sinner by those guidelines. You’re not defined by the things that make you human, otherwise known to some as “flaws.” The physical are just descriptors that make you easier to identify by others, they don’t define who you are. More importantly, you’re not your mistakes. Grasping this is tough when you have “been your thoughts” for many many decades. It is something (that’s not a thing) that cannot be expressed through words. When you transcend the experience of duality — of dividing the universe up into separate “things” — you experience the reality of bliss, love, peace — and oneness. It has power, not only when we judge someone on their appearance, but also with social issues, political issues, family issues. How does that work for relationships? I have been on this journey for some time now and I still feel a bit lost. It can be alluded to or pointed at but not expressed. We only limit it and call it a flower because of convenience. Knowing exactly what you are doing at all moments. You become aware that, “there is the mind doing it’s thing and here am I, watching.”. They are temporary events arising in awareness. Very profound wisdom has been shared here. If all of those things go away, who are you? Is being thankful also emotion? Our spoken human languages necessitates the division into objects. I had read many transformational books before that, but this one blew my mind. The passing traffic (ie the thoughts, feelings, emotions that come and go) or the awareness that is aware of it. This is the error. Some traditions say that who you really are existed before the appearance of this body and will continue to exist long after it is gone—that the body is a garment you wear for this lifetime and thoughts are part of the package that comes with it. Aware? It is the idea of Unity that will help everyone break free of their limitations and feel a breath of fresh air, maybe for the first time in their lives. Can you speak to that please? Good question Triselle. My thoughts are my own but they do not describe me. I will not sell or distribute your email address to a third party at any time. We usually say that it begins when they are born, but the fetus lives before that so we could say life begins at a certain number of weeks of pregnancy. They speak in your voice. The more you identify yourself with the Inner Witness, the freer you are and the more potential you have to control your body, mind, and emotions. What you think next defines who you are." You created this mental shell when you were a kid. The point is this: We set an arbitrary definition that life begins on the birthday. For me, mindfulness has made me a more compassionate and loving person. You are presence itself, believing you are ‘your’ thoughts. You wouldn’t be free of them even for a single moment. I think there is a danger of seeing emotion as something alien, and therefore every time strong emotions arise – we think there is something wrong. The sperm? But these are all just abstractions of the truth. I’d say that awareness is neither a thought nor a feeling. When you meditate, who are you? …”. I enjoyed this article pretty much. I know you have to just let it be and observe. Yes, the mind can’t get ii. Not your idea of yourself, your self image. There are two types of happiness Santosh. I’m happy it helped Isobel. Great article, I recently REALISED that I am not my thoughts. hi Denise, Nothing on this planet, in this universe, exists as a thing. The Buddha. They appear by themselves, apparently out of nowhere, linger in your awareness for a moment or two and then disappear again— like clouds passing across the sky. I used to like to think myself in others’ shoes when I watch movie, anime, or in real life because I loved getting emotional and feel for the individuals, but after practicing mindfulness, I lose interest and find it pointless to make emotional rollercoaster. Your thoughts appear in your head. Peaceful? I suppose real power, is when you can engage your thoughts emotions fully, or leave them alone. The pen represents any thoughts, feelings or emotions that are present right now. You say “it seems very robotic or zombie-like being present without thought”. When the Indian saint Papaji said, “Don’t be a peaceful person. I invite you to try the following guided meditation, one of my favourites. This is freedom. Not only that, but our thoughts are not even OUR thoughts. Mind your own business.”, “Don’t be concerned about the thoughts that come and go. BE LOVE.” Love is the ground of who you are beyond thoughts, feelings and emotions. Acting mindfully and being aware of the now changed everything for me. Really good article. “You” are presence itself. Nobody seemed to be able to articulate it in a way that made sense to me. You could say they are, I go into this topic in more detail in my book “. You are not your thoughts | You are the awareness that remains when you stop thinking Who you think you are is not who you are. The ‘you’ you take yourself to be today is very different from the 10 year-old, 20 year-old or 40 year-old you. However Just reading this has given a feeling hope and that I can find peace of mind once more and enjoy life more. I am a bit lost after your reply. Thoughts changes frequently. You will receive periodic updates and special offers from me via email. “It’s that idea, or concept of self, that ego that we make up, that gets in the way of experiencing life/reality directly.” — very profound. How could you be something that is in a constant state of flux. Most conversations hold a lot of meaning or emotions. Thoughts occur through you, like a radio transmitting a frequency signal. To realise that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually —Eckhart Tolle. I am at this present time suffering from a period of mental turmoil,anxiety, and feelings of hopeless . Here’s to your bliss, Jim Does that make sense? They may be a part of who you are in this moment. Soil and nutrients, water, bees to pollinate it, sunlight, a planet with our exact atmosphere of air, etc. I believe it’s also possible to get too stuck in the negative aspects of ourselves… to become a therapy junkie. It is gotten more as an inner knowingness than a mental understanding. Hi Wendy, Like someone mentioned above it seems very robotic or zombie-like being present without thought. You have no idea what the next thought will be. As God looks down upon us, we only understand our little world, but never all the complexities of His. You don’t have to engage with them at all if that’s what you choose. They are just a part of a happening, part of a process. It offers an interesting perspective on our relationship with thoughts (you’ll find an audio version below). Hi Andrew, In my experience, not identifying with the drama in my head doesn’t make me emotionless or lacking in empathy for others. In fact, I am honored. Great question! You personalise them and suffer as a result. How could they not be who you are? When you learn to meditate, the first thing you learn is to take a step back and watch the mind objectively—with an attitude of curiosity. It is arbitrary because we humans just decided to divide it up like that for convenience sake. You … Although the feeling is pretty all-encompassing to me. This is clearly not the case. Conscious? If you need more motivation to achieve your goals and dreams, my latest eBook: TRIUMPH: The Art Of Overcoming Challenges, To Achieve Your Goals And Dreams, is now available via Amazon. take a pen and roll it back and forth in the palm of your open hand. According to the self-created theory, your thoughts are a direct extension of your identity—your character, personality, and true desires. You are your mind, just not the one you think you have. How big is the sun? Which “you” are you referring to? (affiliate link). You are not judged by these thoughts but they are presented to you, through you. Hope this helps. It is great to know that it is inevitable that there is some sweet connection between us all. But that can’t solve the problem that is happening to you. It just goes on and on. This is spiritual bypassing. If you are not your thoughts. As Dean Jackson said, “If you can watch your thoughts, you are the watcher, not the thoughts.” So the mere fact that we can observe whether we are having a sad thought, or an angry thought, or a pessimistic thought means that are not the thoughts themselves. Be peace,” this what he was referring to. You observe and choose to act or not act upon the ideas, even the happy ones. I respectfully disagree. If they were part of your essential nature, they would always be present. I am working on a project called How to Love Your Little Monster that refers to the child that accepted judgement, labels, and programming as personal truth when the fact is that in this current system of things, meaning the world and its worldly ways, we are subdued. My confusion comes from the fact we use language to communicate to each other all day everyday. I am going to read it many times over my friend. How to Love Your Little Monster and Virginia Faye my aspiring artist page. The “self-created” theory argues that you arethe voice behind your thoughts. It is not a thing, but a doing. But focusing too much on your thoughts, especially dark ones, can often end up reinforcing them, and giving them more solidity than they actually have. OVER 40. Your email address will not be published. The person only APPEARS solid because there seems to be continuity. A combination of the things I’ve mentioned above plus this extra almost divine little spark? Everything in your experience would suggest otherwise. When I first experienced bliss in meditation for that split second… “I” ceased to exist. In his introduction to the method, the founder, Hale Dwoskin, uses a great analogy to illustrate our true relationship with the mind. What a relief! I go into this topic in more detail in my book “Awaken The Happy You.”. It shifts your perspective from BEING the thoughts to being able to choose how you engage with them. So deep in its pure, divine form. Most people believe they ARE their emotions and remain slaves to whatever arises. It would be more accurate to describe it not as a flower, but as a flowering. That’s all the ego is. Is there anything you have put aside that, if you were to take it back, would enhance your experience of this moment? In my opinion, it is good to work with healing the negative patterns inside ourselves whilst at the same time maintaining the overview that the mind is only part of who we are. Because it’s even confusing to me typing it out. "The first thought that goes through your mind is what you have been conditioned to think. I am glad to be your friend. You are not your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts and models. They make you human. And it’s over simplistic. That speaks of the flower. As one of my teachers told me, “Leave the mind alone. I hope this makes sense. If You Are Not Your Thoughts, Then Who Are You Really? Whether they are positive, negative or somewhere in between. I’ll definitely be sharing this post with my friends and family. 5 - excited. How does a bird build its nest without thinking? So what are we? We must experience the world in such ways. You are grown now. If you don’t, you… Because your thoughts are in the sound of your own voice and are constant, incessant and unrelenting, like a pinball in a pinball machine bouncing from one thought to another, it’s reasonable to arrive at the conclusion that this is who you are, you are that voice inside … But still a slave to your own mental model. Set aside all memories of the past — as if you had just arrived on earth in this moment. Our Magick is restrained, we become rats in a race. It’s arbitrary that the diameter of the sun is limited by its visible fire. Learn how to direct and refine your focus to help guide you in the right direction. The passing thoughts, feelings and emotions are not who you are. Claire Weekes in her book “Self Help For Your Nerves” describes these thoughts as “Tired thoughts in a tired mind” – this is a wonderfully simple description Let’s take a closer look. You are the radio receiving and transmitting thoughts, but not the thoughts themselves. Your self-concept is likely limiting you – and you are not aware of it! We are all in our own separate theaters, witnessing entirely different shows, and yet we behave as it we are in the same audience, watching the very same event we call life. “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.” (Isaiah 55:8) Childhood wonderment and spontaneous manifestation is when we are most alive and not. Except those who aren’t. A system. You are whatever touches your soul more deeply than anything. That moment of taking a moment to pause before indulging in the emotions attached to a event or situation is such a valuable lesson to learn and you are so right to bring it to attention. He has two great qualities that will see him go far: His question today is an important one, because if you’ve ever wondered who you really are, then this will help shed some light. . The birth of the father? Should I dissociate myself from my feelings and let it pass? Oops, one last question I had that I forgot to add to my first comment is if we are not our thoughts (slowly grasping that) then how do we move through our day when many things may fall under “what should I do today” which may be based on an emotion? Those who live life directly. Take a few deep breaths and as you exhale, do so with a sense of releasing, a sense of letting go. Find the part of your experience that doesn’t change and abide there. I just can’t grasp it. Or choose to live in the moment at all times, and do away with the patterns a self-image creates altogether. You do not have to go along with every thought that comes and let it take centre stage. Here’s another. Also as I am sure you know, we are bio-chemical beings. I’ve been reading up on your website for a few months now and I must say: you are quite an inspiration! “The mind is a superb instrument if used rightly. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone. There is more to the picture. I wrote a thought. This is the disease. It asks you to have another look at the way you’ve got things set up in your mind. In the next moment, however, they may or may not be there. Life changing moment. Trapped in my thoughts. Yep. This is one of the fundamental teachings of the Buddha. That’s great Jonathan. But what should be the next steps in order to act ? Jim, this is a marvelous piece of wisdom. Keep that in mind for a second while we talk about the next important point. But the dangers it’s protecting you from are likely long gone. Stripped of all these concepts, ideas and beliefs, is there still a ‘you’ present? The notion that you are not your thoughts is a radical one. It is one. It’s freeing. The accuracy and power of that statement is amazing. It goes against everything we have been conditioned to believe all our lives. Boy, was this something I struggled with for a long time. Sitting or lying down are both fine. When you know you are not the mind, you no longer have to take it so damn seriously. You might want to try this exercise? Now, temporarily put aside all thoughts of who you are, any image you have of yourself, any ideas associated with a personal identity—all notions such as male or female, rich or poor, young or old. So if the thoughts are not who we are, why are they private for each of us? When I love other people, I am also doing a great service to myself. You believe that you are your mind. Right now. The first is the non-judgemental acceptance of whatever arises in your experience. I had a much needed conversation with Greg last night, and since then I have been thinking about a lot of different things. Love is a beautiful emotion to experience but can you truthfully say that it is always present. https://www.thinklessandgrowrich.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/youarenotyourthoughts.m4a, 8 Signs You May Be Having A Spiritual Awakening, Why You Don’t Need A Peaceful Mind To Experience Peace, What You Resist Persists—How To Embrace Life Just As It Is, Gratitude Is The Bridge To Your Authentic Self, How To Quieten The Mind And Unlock Your Inner Treasure. Key Bible Verse: Proverbs 23:7. Everybody is! For each negative thought you have, become aware of it first of all, then examine why you are having such thoughts and let the negative thought go. If you’re not your thoughts, or your emotions, then when you sense these things arising, you can let them go, just as easily as they arose. And a lot of regular, everyday people who have meditated and noticed what their consciousness is doing, and seen the truth of life: That is, the self-image that we unconsciously build does not have to control our lives. Just like that flower. If you look closely at everything that makes up what you call ‘me, the person’ — body, mind, thoughts, feeling and emotions — you will see that none of it is constant or solid. It struck me for the first time in 1997, after reading “The Power Of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Or we could argue that it begins at conception. Put aside all ideas of good or bad, true or false, right or wrong— any self-judgement, anything you feel proud or ashamed of, any achievements or failures. Now, what did that flower need to grow? And the idea of myself came back too. Please appreciate what good news this is -- you are not limited to your sense perceptions, your thoughts, or your feelings. Many thanks! If you want to read more about making peace with a busy mind,  check these articles out: Why Trying To Fix Your Thoughts Will Never Give You The Peace You Are Looking For, How To Stay Calm, Even With A Head Full Of Negative Thoughts. MOTIVATION. It really is a life changing realisation! What I thought was me, was not there anymore…. It’s the same with your emotions. The mother? You are not the signal, but the receiver of the signal. I am not even the mind” and I got really interested in this concept. I stumbled upon a guided meditation that chanted “I am not the body. Simply be present here and now, just as you are—breathing in, breathing out. I’m trying to really understand, but it’s tough. I see now I have been running with many thoughts for a while …. Who we take ourselves to be is really an ever-changing kaleidoscope of all the above. Use them as tools, but don’t be fooled that you are them. They are known only to you. If you need to, then keep your list of strengths where you can see it so that when you need to use positive self-talk you have some ideas of what to say. I have practised other forms of meditation in the past which I would agree are a bit mechanical and lacking in empathy but I wouldn’t say that about mindfulness. How could they not be who you are? Everyone, regardless of how troubled they are, experiences moments of joy, of laughter, of OK-ness. Who you really are is the EXPERIENCER of the emotion of love. In truth, who you are today is not the same person you were yesterday, or even 5 minutes ago. But which came about by accepting the judgements of yourself and others. Simply put: You are not your thoughts. We do what needs to be done without being pulled in a hundred directions at once. Logically, anything you are aware of can’t be who you are. That’s great Max! 4 - you are jealous. You are not your thoughts because thoughts come and go and you should allow them to do so with little attachment. When you are asleep, who are you? He has been, without doubt, one the most important and inspirational teachers on my own  journey.

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