*2Operation on the Head Unit is necessary in order to switch to dialing mode. The compatibility information will be displayed. ・There are models which cannot make a call unless the standby display is shown. ・If connection with the cell-phone cannot be made, restart the cell-phone. The Searched Device List screen cannot be displayed, when the receiving source is Pandora internet radio or Bluetooth Audio. ・Some cell-phones compatible with HFP only may stream music data. HSP (Headset Profile) * HSP may or may not be connectable from a cellphone to our Bluetooth device. Go to Bluetooth setup on the iPhone and delete ALL previous stored devices. Then try pairing the phone to the Kenwood stereo again using the 4 digit code. Start registering a unit by operating the Bluetooth device By operating the Bluetooth device, register the hands-free unit (pairing). ・If subindexes (such as mobile and home) are used with Voice Recognize, remote subscribers may not be called up normally unless all the subindexes are entered. Use the cell-phone to transfer the phonebook entries you desire (individual entries, groups, and/or the entire phonebook can be selected and transferred; actual operation may vary depending on the type of cell-phone used). ・yes = Usable. OPP (Object Push Profile) This web site provides the compatibility information of your cell-phone and the KENWOOD Bluetooth unit. ・Do not leave the cell-phone inside the vehicle. * Depending on the OS or the firmware version of the cell-phone, Bluetooth features may not work. * Depending on the OS or the firmware version of the cell-phone, Bluetooth features may not work. Unrecognizable characters will be skipped; make sure the correct number has been displayed before making a call from the phonebook. If you don't see this option, you may be using an older version of iOS. 5. AVRCP(Audio/Video Remote Control Profile), ・KENWOOD Bluetooth Products are compatible with the following profiles. If so, please retry Pairing after deleting the Pairing on both the KENWOOD unit and the device to be connected. Download the firmware compatible with your cell-phone. ・If a call is made from your cell-phone, the contact information such as name and phone number will not be displayed on the control unit. The compatibility information will be displayed. ・Noise may be produced when receiving a call or switching to conversation. *3Display Character Conversion: If the control unit cannot display accent characters such as "ü" and "ä", set the display character conversion function switch to "ON" to convert them to "U" and "A". 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to enter the current pass code. ・If you "Off-hook" when receiving call, it enters "Private mode". See <15.3 Registering the PIN code> "PAIRING" Á "PASS XXXXXX" Á (Bluetooth device name) Á "PRESS" Á "VOLUME KNOB" appears. Delete unnecessary registration. 2. Page 29: Registering Bluetooth Device (Pairing) Turn the [VOL] knob and press it when the ⁄ By operating the Bluetooth device, register the Code Edit”. HFP (Hands-Free Profile) ・On certain cell-phones, PIN (Personal Identification Number) code is fixed. This unit is compatible with the Apple Easy Pairing function. Turn on the control unit and place your phone into Bluetooth search mode. Kenwood KMR-D378BT Marine Bluetooth CD Receiver, 2x Infinity 6.5" 3-Way Speakers, 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Stereo Installation Kit, Enrock 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Speaker Mounting Adapters. Alternatively, pair the Kenwood with your phone. ・Please note that the cell-phone models for which no information is provided, or whose operation capabilities are not confirmed are not listed. *3There may be cases where the mobile phone restarts when making a call. PIN code is set to "0000" as the default. Perris Valley Dodge Jeep Chrysler. Press the volume knob. ・If the display does not show "Connect", "Pairing OK" and so on after the Pairing process is completed, Pairing has failed. *7At receiving call, sometimes the correct phone name/number can not be displayed.

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