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That's why we sell the rugs that are 100% handmade. Currency: Sticky Currency Switch to metric measurement units. Before you purchase a rug, consider doing a bit of research on its production methods. Choosing to study in Iran will be a fantastic choice for international students. Often referred to as Oriental rugs, these rugs are 100% made by hand using a loom. Photo Credit: Pascale Saliba ~ Estate Vintage Hand Knotted Persian (Iran) Rug Hand-Knotted Rugs. There are very nice machine made oriental rugs with great material and extremely fine resolution but they do not carry craftsmanship or tradition. We also have contacts in London, Germany and the US who are often able to provide us with rugs to suit your requirements. Iranian saffron of best quality is around 1500 to 1700 USD per kilo (50-60 million Rials, or 5-6 million Toman, as they usually speak in Toman when dealing with money. Historically known as Persia, Iran boasts a rich mixture of cultures with incredible landscapes. They're ubiquitous and utilitarian. This is especially noticeable when compared with other types of rugs. Besides, Persian rugs value and its art value seems an unplanned effect but in fact this is an art form that is very dependent on symmetrical patterns, designsand the repetition of these patterns. Just like a free-hand drawing. We have a wide range of Oriental rugs and carpets to choose from. The wrong dealer could seriously cost you — we're talking about money, time, energy! Beautiful Antique Animal Motif Tehran Persian Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1900 –Size: 4 ft 4 in x 5 ft 9 in (1.32 m x 1.75 m). A machine can make, but can't mimic the perfection of a master weaver’s artistry. A Persian rug is distinct from rugs made in other countries based on the knot used in the rug’s construction, as well as many other unique factors. Antique Animal Motif Tehran Persian Rug. Scholars have found mentions of woven rugs dating to the Persian Sassanid Dynasty (224 - 641 C.E.). The country offers a unique educational experience and plenty for you to see and do. 100% Authentic Handmade Rugs . Rugs made in factories with child labor are able to be sold at an extremely cheap price point. Persia refers to modern-day Iran, while the “orient” refers to the entire geographical area in which these handmade rugs are constructed. Fifty years ago, most rug enthusiasts had not even heard of them. A high-quality Iranian carpet can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Size: 4 ft 4 in x 5 ft 9 in . Persian rugs are typically manufactured and produced in Iran, which is also the country that makes about 75 percent of the entire world’s hand-woven rugs. Will My Persian Rug Appreciate in Value Over Time? The advent of Persian Gabbeh rugs (gah-BAY) from Iran into the Western market is relatively new, even though the earliest of these rugs were being woven in Persia as early as the 1500s. Another way to organize them is by format. The silk rug comes in variety of colors and sizes. Whether you are looking for a traditional Persian rug or the one that is made in India, Pakistan or Afghanistan, you name it and we have it. The material used is the finest silk and only that should give you somewhat of a picture how much a Persian rug costs. Cost of living in Iran is 43.12% lower than in United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Since September 2010, the U.S. government put in place an embargo against goods from Iran. Persian rugs add timeless class to any room they're on. A handmade oriental rug is the ultimate travel trophy, but if you do not want to be ripped off, it helps to know what to look for. Rug patterns were specific to different tribes and no two villages had identical pieces. Persian Rugs in the Safavid Dynasty. Today silk rugs are made to be use in every day. The Persian Textile Industry in Historical Perspective, 1500–1925. 1 Toman=10 Rials). Persian rugs can often take years, and sometimes decades to create. A Persian Kerman rug for sale, for example, comes from a city and province in south-central Iran. In order to qualify as a Persian rug, the carpet must be made in Iran. Another type of Persian rug that is popular among collectors is the Heriz rug, which originates from Heriz, or Heris, in northwestern Iran. Still Persian prayer rugs are less common than we see with their Sunni neighbors. A Ghali is a large-format carpet sized at about 6 by 9 feet. Antique Persian rugs are classified as those that were made prior to 1930 in Persia, what we know now as the country of Iran. Rent in Iran is, on average, 56.53% lower than in United States. Persian knots are used to create more intricate curvilinear or floral patterns on hand knotted Persian rugs. A hand knotted rug is made without a design outline to follow. Generally speaking, these carpets have a thicker weave, and the patterns are less ornate. Answer 1 of 72: I plan a trip to Iran and want to buy a persian silk or wool-silk carpet (size about 100cm x 150cm) there. The unique designs of Persian carpets date back more than 2,500 years to a time when all carpets were custom-made and hand-woven. The country is home to one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Value over time. Often, Turkish carpets do not come from Turkey, but from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Armenia and the Caucasus, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. Persian Rug Market In Qum, Iran. Retail Price: $8,320.00 . However, if you buy per grams the price varies and becomes more expensive. Persian Rugs Guide Persian Rugs Guide Tips On How To Choose Rugs For Every Type Of Environment Cane Jason Persian Rugs Vs Oriental Knights Of Columbus 867 How Much Do Carpet Runners Cost Info 7157282878 Persian … Persian rugs guide persian rugs guide rugs for every type of environment persian rugs vs oriental knights. These are measured in much the same way e.g. These rugs represent some of the very finest examples of textile art to ever be produced. “A beautiful export like Persian rugs from Iran may not be available for a time,” Sroka said. Even the Persian rugs have different measurements to denote the fineness of a carpet: In Tabriz the term Raj is often used rather than KPSI - this is the number of knots across 2 3/4 inches of a rug. Restaurants. Simon Busch explains how to pick the right threads. Materials. After all, you have no doubt heard that some antique Persian or Oriental rugs sometimes sell for thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Any rug made in Afghanistan, Turkey, India or another regional country is an Oriental rug. There will always be two. That said, there is still variety to them with many rugs ranging anywhere from 4 x 6 feet to 9 x 12 feet. These utilitarian textiles are deliberately less opulent but, accordingly, more durable. Wool. This is a start to serve as a hub for the collection of my notes on silk, part silk and silk foundation rugs of Iran. Once they were settled, weaving flourished with the weavers incorporating a variety of styles into their creations. Iran is the genesis of most motifs, patterns and traditional colorations produced in rugs throughout the world today. Rug weaving in Qum started sometime in the 1930s when the rug merchants from the neighboring Kashan moved their looms along the historic trade route to the oasis of Qum. Heriz Rugs. Like all Oriental rugs, every Persian rug is painstakingly hand-knotted by skilled artisans over many months. How Much Do Persian Rugs Cost. A Zaronim, at the other end of the spectrum, is a smaller rug that is about 5 feet long. Persian Rugs: Guide to Silk Rugs and Carpets Of Iran. The price on this rug would range between 28 000 – 54 000 USD. This beautiful rugs are majestic from any angles you look at it. If you’ve purchased a new Oriental or Persian rug, you may be wondering if it will appreciate in value. The complex methods and high-quality materials used, ensured that each piece was a beautiful and unique work of art. McCabe, Ina Baghdiantz. All our rugs are very high quality and durable. This Salting type prayer rug dates to the latter part of the reign of Shah Tahmasp circa 1565. Gabbeh rugs are distinctive and relatively easy to recognize, thus making them good examples for our Oriental Rugs by Design study. Due to the time required to weave these unusually fine rugs, plus the higher cost of the silk and dyes, Persian Qum rugs are usually made in small scatter sizes. These gorgeous treasures were hand woven using high-quality wool and dyed using all-natural vegetable dyes (synthetic dyes were used later, and would disqualify a Persian rug as ‘antique’). Persian rugs are a contradiction in terms. As many as 2 million Iranians are connected to the Persian rug trade. Category Early 20th Century Other Persian Furniture. Do you live in Iran? Little-Persia is able to source a wide variety of rugs to order; we have a wide network of contacts in Iran, India, Afghanistan and the surrounding countries and try our best to find a rug from a bazaar that will fit your needs. Unlike other Oriental rugs, Persian rugs are exclusively made in Iran. If you own a Persian rug, it’s valuable. These rugs are those that were woven in Persia (modern day Iran). Every rug is a one-of-a-kind reflection of the weaver and a completely unique work of art. The saffron price is very much affordable in Iran, especially if you are buying 50 or 100 grams together. In this way, a rug could be classed first by its area of origin and second by its size and shape. Keshan stands for the highest standards and traditional production of the finest craftsmanship. Turkish prayer rugs are rather common as they are in the Caucasus and with the Baluch in Afghanistan. The process of making the rug is labor intensive, the weaver inserts knots into the rug to tie each one by hand. Persian Rugs: Location: South of Tehran, Iran (former Persia) Typical Knot Density: 100.000 - 400.000 knots / sqm: Characteristics: Central medallion, red and blue tones: There are few carpet provenances whose reputation can compete with that of Kashan. When buying in-store make sure you are going to be well informed. Atlanta: Scholar's Press, 1999. View Full Details. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Prayer Rugs have been made for a long time in Iran. Add data for Iran. Once called Persia, modern-day Iran was where the first Persian rugs were created. For a Persian rug to be considered “antique”, it would have to be at least 80 years old. Hand Knotted Silk Persian Rug 7' 11" X 9' 11" - Q6260 Silk Rugs are the most splendid, and often most valuable of all handmade rugs. Get the best deals on Tabriz Antique Rugs & Carpets when you shop the largest online selection at 9/16 which is 144 KPSI. The Shah's Silk for Europe's Silver: The Eurasian Trade of the Julfa Armenians in Safavid Iran and India (1530–1750). They're works of art and coveted investment pieces. While not so much a factor in the cost of a rug, another point to consider before you make a purchase is that rugs keep their value over time. Paris: Harmattan, 1999. Katharyn Frischman January 21, 2017.
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