Kinsler: (slamming down his drink) We wait! Run! Kinsler: (panting) Not as much as you're going to hurt when I -- Sadie: Stop it, Vergil! Sadie: Good! Look out!} Sadie: There must be a dozen bodies here... Tom: To hell with demographics! Crowd: An Olifant just hit that Pelican! Crone: (laughs) Out of my way, you little slut! Crone: That was a nice trick with the police sirens, girly. Wait! Crone: {Shotgun pump} Forty years I've been coming to this place. I'm NMPD dammit! Crowd: Up we go, baby! Then I'll come back. Sadie: Dad would know the answer... Kinsler: (sliding across the seat to Sadie) She had your eyes... Got a record, you little punk? Create Fireteam Mike: Keep talking. Crowd: No time! An Olifant sent by Vergil (heaven sent angel) lets them pass safely. Kinsler: (from console) That was truly inspiring, Officer Branley. Man down! putting them all together is no difficult task. Kinsler: Your chatter made you easy to track. Remove it from your holster. Sadie: Yeah, you can thank Kinsler for that. Mike: Emergency Comms. Sadie: Damn it! Wait! Tom: Number one rule of sales? Marshall: (screams) My eyes! [url=]Virgil In[/url] (I use this as my text tone) Brute: [Angry growl.] [url=]BWU 10/02/09:[/url] Sadie: Deal. Inquisitive not violent. [Sound: Frightened civilians crowd the station.] [Sound: The Brutes fire at Sadie as she runs for cover.] Please come again! Really. Kinsler: What the hell is that?! Sadie: (pushing through crowd) Excuse me! Brute: [Angry roar.] I'm coming to get you! Sadie: It's OK, Vergil! Corrupt Cop #1: (radio) No sign of it yet, sir. Mike: No. Open the doors, now! Crowd: (muffled) Open up! Sadie: He helped me get to school on time, made sure I bought a healthy lunch and didn't watch too much TV -- that sort of thing. @user-818923899 jhonson was in odst in the prologe and if u pre ordered it u could play as him. Mike: Why would they do that? That's a serious offense. [Sound: Mike opens the Olifant's ramp.] NOTE: Most, if not every music track of the .OGG format when opened with Audacity is split into small pieces. Marines will be here soon! You know that! Directed by Rich Wickham. Hey! Calm down! Guess we all had the same bright idea, huh? Last warning! Kinsler: But the world will call me a hero. Can you hear me? Kinsler: The data center below the ONI building? Whatever you think of me, whatever I have done... Mike: Look, I didn't know. Kinsler: I think not. Sadie: I know. {SWAT Cop: Stay behind the door!} Find guides to this achievement here. Speak the truth. [Sound: (from train) Engineer whistle.] We are getting on that train, and getting the hell out of town! Jim: No! I'm willing to die too! Looter: Smash the machines! [Sound: Sadie slaps Kinsler's face.] [Sound: Sadie slams her door, Mike drives away.] Kinsler: (sighs) Don't you see the beauty of it, Sadie? Corrupt Cop: Button-up men! Sadie: If I don't come alone, my dad will die! Sadie: Mike. Daniel Endesha: (from radio) A plasma bombardment collapsed one of Vergil's tertiary data-centers. They're surrounding a seventh, touching it with their tentacles... Sadie: Mike, I need to get back over the bridge, to the ONI building downtown. I'm cute! Jonas: Nobody will give me a place on a boat, or a bus, or a train. Sadie: You're trying to save your own ass! Kinsler: You hear me?! Looter: Leave the money! Mike: Covenant Sniper nest? Daniel Endesha: It's the Covenant. [Sound: Sadie rips her Chatter off her wrist.] Taking place in the Kenyan port city of New Mombasa, ODST follows a squad of elite Marine Orbital Drop Shock Troopers during the Covenant invasion of Earth on October 20, 2552. I too will leave Mombasa... Identical to the standard cutscene, except that the Rookie whistles their new friend into the open. You can't trust him! Come on! By continuing to use this site, you agree to the policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. What are you doing here? Kiosk: (from speaker) Please state your destination. I win! [Sound: (from train) Angry Engineer whistle.] I remember. A UNSC Orbital Drop Shock Trooper must locate his missing squad members in New Mombasa following a devastating slip space rupture caused by a Covenant cruiser. What is your final destination? Mike: Ah, I was looking for a career change anyway. Sorry! 29 of them can be found in Mombasa Streets. Sadie: Great. I'll connect the audio feed... Sadie: You can't just kill them! But I can't. Duty Officer: What gun? Xbox 360 - Halo 3 - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet! Sadie: Oh my God! Please remain calm. Keep moving! Please! [Sound: Tires squeal as the car comes to an abrupt stop.] Propaganda: These officers were gunned-down in the very lobby of this building by Covenant snipers. I sure showed him. Looter: Get back! Sadie: (whispers into Chatter) Vergil... a little help here! A butcher is giving away his food. Daniel Endesha: That's an excellent idea! Crowd: My wife, has anyone seen my wife?! The 30th audio log can only be found after acquiring the other 29. Mike: I know that look... What's your plan? {SWAT Cop: He's got us pinned in here!} All mine!} Kinsler: Good. (to Mike) Say hello. Jonas: A garbage truck? [Sound: Mike lowers the privacy partition.] I don't know. Kinsler: (laughs) Just like your mother... Everyone, back off! But it's heading our way. Sadie: Dad! Crowd: Brutes! I'll do... anything! Sadie: Sadie Endesha. Sadie: Like you ever cared about anyone besides yourself! It all keeps getting worse! Marshall: I figured I'd send some of my old pals on their way myself. Watch it, mister! Crowd: That's a police drop-ship! Sorry! Superintendent: (from Chatter) Caution! Mike: (muffled) Listen to me if you want to live! Mike: This is his office. Duty Officer: Yes, of course I could turn the Superintendent back on. Kinsler: [Screams as the crowd tears him apart. Slow children -- Use caution! That's city property, Vergil! But Commissioner Kinsler gave me explicit instructions -- I'm out of here! Sadie: Where to? {Sound: Duty Officer typing.} Daniel Endesha: I can see them on the monitors in my lab! [Sound: Police communications officers type and answer phones.] This soundtrack brings a return of many of the strong themes present in HALO and HALO 2, as well as Marty O'donell's talented use of variation, just like a master composer. Crowd: There's not enough room! Guarded by corrupt cops with machine-guns. My bags! Daniel Endesha: They won't glass the city! If we sit in the cab, we're targets. They'll be wearing body armor, so you have to take the head-shot. I might. Mike: I'm a cop. You're on the line with Harris 'Two Shot' Kibaki -- Time to bargain if you want to make the sale! [url=]Virgil Outbound[/url] - right click and save as Audio logs are sound files found at various types of data terminals in Halo 3: ODST. Good communication and good medicine can help. Mike: You want to get out of the city? Mike: Here. Mike: Ex-cop. Why?! (laughs) Stop honking (laughs) and have a kebab. [Sound: Mike throws his pistol into the water.] Crowd: Hey! Zip it. Crowd: (muffled) No! Crowd: (muffled) Stop the train! Thanks. Sadie: Escalation. [Sound: Tom opens the Olifant's top hatch.] Sadie: That's it, Mike! Marshall: If I were you, I'd stay right where you are. Each log is accompanied by a slideshow of still images. Hey now -- I'm your man! Tom: Finally! Soliciting/Plagiarism/Phishing/Impersonation, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. Kinsler: But I think she'll be much more interested in this... Anyone remember that little .mp3 that was released for Halo 3: ODST that replicated the famous Superintendant chime? Mike: Does seem like a growth sector... Kinsler: Branley. Sadie: Do it and you're a dead man. SWAT Cop: (dying gurgle) Kinsler: I don't want any of that on board. I mind you getting shot. i'm a die hard French Halo fan from day 1, and my request is as follows, is it possible to have the first original sound effects of the Grunts in Halo CE? We gotta go. Sadie: Platform nine... [Sound: Brutes exit the drop-ship and walk to the ATM.] Across the street! Or the waterfront -- it's much closer! Sadie: I know! Marshall: A thief, huh? I think I am insulted. Daniel Endesha: (from ATM) Sadie! Tom: You! Do you hear me, officer? Fourteenth Floor. It's really never worked for me. Daniel Endesha: I was assessing the damage through the underground cameras, and I saw Covenant splicing cables, patching switches -- Traceable. I now control the fire-fighting systems in your father's lab. By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. How may I serve you? We'll deal with this mess... The audio in Halo 3: ODST’s campaign is flawless as well, which was really important for 343 Industries to handle correctly since the game’s soundtrack, sound effects, and dialogue are all huge contributors to the game’s atmosphere. [Sound: Covenant plasma fire hits the station, rocking the train.] {Crowd: -- we've got to get out of here!} Sadie: Dad, I'll call you back. Propaganda: (from PA) Citizens! Kinsler: Branley! Sadie: Vergil, you've watched me all my life, kept me safe. Mike: I said, I won't let you down, miss! [Sound: Another explosion nearer the market.] [Sound: Train grinds to a stop.] We'll go on foot! Sadie: Commissioner Kinsler?! Sadie: Go me. I've never seen anything like it -- Propaganda: Made from nothing more than and old leaf-blower and a can of gasoline! Mike: You're more than that. [fires] Right there on the carton! He suffocated and froze. Sadie: Listen, what you're doing? Hey! Crowd: How long are we going to sit here? {Crowd: Hurry up! Control-circuits now open to remote access! Daniel Endesha: Amazing! The AI that runs the city. I'm opening the back ramp! Sadie: He's not a train, he's a city. [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into the market.] [Sound: (from PA) Engineer whistle.] Marshall: Why don't you shut your goddamn mouth! Corrupt Cop: Yes, sir! Fight and we will win! An old woman, too weak to leave her bed... Circle 7: Violence: This circle is centered around a deranged officer who kills people inside the police station. You know the Superintendent? They just pulled Vergil's plug! Jonas: Now, young lady... if you are headed into the war zone, you must eat! Sadie: (into her Chatter) Sorry, dad. Hurry! Mike: (to Sadie) Are you hurt? Mike: It might be a gun. Feeding all these hungry people? Sadie: Thanks. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the updated policies documented at, {{client.users[message.memberFromId].displayName}}. {Jonas: Chicken! Sadie: Cut it out Vergil! I'm telling all of you, the Commissioner -- Kinsler: Call me what you like... Mike: (exiting car) Yes, sir! Crone: (to Sadie) You too, girly! Kinsler: (laughs) Assaulting a police officer. [Sound: A Brute shoots the Crone then they all march down the street] There are too many Covenant in that district. Sadie: My father says I should thank you for saving my life. Aww, you lousy sons of bitches -- Tom: Hey! Crowd: Why does she get to come onboard?! Sadie: Stay out of sight, find a kiosk. Sadie: There's a kiosk on the platform. Stop honking your horn. Sadie: Mike! Daniel Endesha: The fighting is spreading, damaging all sorts of systems. Brute: [Angry roar] Take it off. Curried lamb? [Sound: Train squeals to a stop.] Superintendent: Banking with pride! Propaganda: (from PA) All civilian chatter is restricted! [Sound: Distant explosions in the city] [Sound: Engineer sound followed by Vergil's imitation.] Kinsler: What?! A teacher, hiding with her students in a school basement. Sadie: Kinsler told me to meet him at the train station. Comm Cop: I've got three more evac points at 200% capacity!

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